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CHLOEJET, a singer and songwriter raised in North London. JET has an extensive variety within her genre and range presenting R’n’B to Pop like vocals as well as hints of Trap and Soul, which is demonstrated across her social media platform videos where she writes, sings, produces and edits all her content.

Chloe’s style was influenced by artists such as RAYE, QUEEN, Ariana Grande and

Michael Jackson. This can be heard at her gigs around London, including places like

The Ned, Soho House Members Clubs, The Dorchester Hotel and more. 


CHLOEJET has been singing since the age of 7.

Her genre and voice noticeably transformed in the year of 2019, becoming the controlled

soprano singer she is today at age 23.

Being a vegan for 6 years, she now wishes to use her platform to

help influence others to help animals and the environment for the


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